Kineticard reviews

Review by christopher lomas

Fantastic. Very fickle to set up and still mucking it up but once perfected it will be awesome

(Posted on 18/12/2015)



Review by Doug Graham

Simple, but genius!

This is a very visual effect, perhaps on the short side (it's quite a quick trick) but completely worth it for saying it's going for such a reasonable price. 

Teaching is clear and straightforward, and it doesn't take long to master this effect and really make the spectator's freely (yes!) chosen card shoot straight out the deck, right under their hand.

You'll have a lot of fun amazing and confusing people with this trick. Also very easy to do.

(Posted on 13/11/2015)

Review by Jack Robinson

Amazing effect and so easy to master. you will have your spectators amazed as there card reveals itself!

(Posted on 04/10/2015)

Review by benjamin puddy

Apart from a few card tricks this is the first magic trick I've bought. I had it delivered this morning and have already (after a few attempts in private) tried it out on 3 people who have no idea how its done and did check the deck before and after. 

I will say that the gimmick could do with consisting of more BUT that said it will last a LONG time and at the end of the day its the idea your paying for which is not only a good one but also simple to learn and looks great. 

Just to add to that, I was able to do other card tricks while the gimmick is in place both before and after.

I now have the other two tricks to learn that came in the bundle this morning.....fingers crossed they are as good.

ps to the merchant of magic...... thanks for the sweets

(Posted on 28/09/2015)


Review by Wayne Cooper

I am a beginner and this is easy to learn and execute. It resets in seconds and I have no problem doing repeat performances (which makes it great). I even let the spectators shuffle the cards prior to showing them this trick which adds to the illusion! I just need some more tricks like this to add to my perfomance :-D

(Posted on 25/09/2015)