Saving money reviews

By Peter Smith 2015


....I've been through several "Pen Thru" gimmicks in the past few years but this particular set is perfect...(for me at least)..I love the innocent looking grey, rubber coated pens that have been used here....not to mention more than enough power in the magnets. the cut on the gimmick is also very clean ...the perfect combination of power and design built into a deceptive gimmick...this is the one you want!

By Darren Gowten 12015

I was using the old style pen with a small tip with success, but this one has really improved the routine almost to perfection. Watch the video and practice the routine - there is no better way to do it than how it is explained. Works best with crisp dollars, but any condition will still do the job if you master it....

By Paul 2016

I love this idea and gimmick it is incredible and has never let me down. I haven't ever used the stealth pen or misled, but I think this is an incredible trick and it has never let me down.

By George Doman

This trick never fails to amaze. After purchasing other variations of pen through dollar, this one is hands down my favorite because it looks like a regular papermate pen and you see a good portion of the pen go through. I have the spectator initial his/her dollar with the pen and switch it in and out by taking out a lighter from my pocket to "mend" the rip and then putting the lighter back in my pocket. Flawless everytime! Love performing it at restaurants when I get the check. A must have.